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RayAnn Enterprise Publishers is an independent publishing company specializing in providing individuals and businesses with information to aid in self improvement and business/personal success. Our mission is to provide the missing link..."Knowledge Transfer".


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Current Publications:


Credit, Debt Management & Planning for Financial Success

Category: Personal Finance

Website: http://www.whatdoidonow.biz

A Practical Guide to Understand and Apply
Software/Firmware Configuration Management.

Pages: 120
ISBN 0-9715491-0-1

Category: Information Technology/Business Management


"You have provided the software development and project management communities with an excellent guide for improving project success by using Configuration Management. Your book discusses the processes needed to effectively implement Configuration Management in an organization. …Key points include the importance of early preventive measures, of documentation, of controlling the configuration and changes with a Configuration Control Board, and of quality assurance. The distillation of lessons learned from your career in the areas of Configuration Management, Quality Assurance and Project Management provides an important edge for projects striving to be successful."

Dave Nesbit, PMP President Advanced Project Management Associates, Inc.

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